VESKOM GROUP consists of ten affiliated organizations operating on the Czech, Slovak and foreign markets. They provide their services in the areas of compressed air, cooling, heat pumps and energy consulting as well as auditing. Each of the organizations belongs to the top in its field, therefore they are leading suppliers of energy-efficient solutions that effectively connect industry and construction.

VESKOM GROUP, for entire quarter century of its existence, puts high demands on quality and complex solutions using ever-innovative technologies.  Reliable services are realized with the help of more than 130 employees – thanks to which the total turnover of the company exceeded ½ billion CZK. The development in the Czech republic is supported by a highly-equipped technical service center, which has top measuring technology, which serves, for example, for analyzing energy streams of media or predictive service.

The company is certified by a quality system of work according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. It combines world brands, years of experience, modern technology and good work of „golden Czech hands“. That is why it has achieved also several awards, for example: The Health and Safe Environment Award awarded by the BUSINESS LEADERS FORUM platform, which it has received four times for now. Chief executive officer Ing. Petr Bureš became the finalist of the Manager of the Year competition in 2016, where he ranked among the 68 best managers of the Czech republic. 

VESKOM in numbers:

  • Turnover of ½ billion CZK per year
  • 1 500 compressors running
  • 1 300 installed chillers
  • 2 800 heat pumps connected
  • 27 years of experience
  • A spare parts store in the price of CZK 20 millions
  • 10 affiliated organizations
  • 3 generations of employees
  • Service within 24 hours
  • Cooperation with Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy, Korea
  • Cooperation with universities