Starting in 2015, the company is undergoing a proces of transformation from a family business of the founders into a separate company managed by professional managers. This process was completed just in these days, when the mangement of the company is taken over by the new Executive Director Ing. René Kunčar.

I am returning to the company, where I learned a lot in the beginning, so I would like to return it everything, without exaggeration, even with interest.“  said Ing. Kunčar.

Current owner are not leaving. On the contrary. They remain in the position of directors and board members of the group. In addition, each of them will be involved in the development of sub-areas as an expert in the field.  At present, VESKOM GROUP consists of nine affiliated organizations with a specialization in a particular field. Their technologies and services are used by customers in the Czech and the Slovak republic, and in many other countries.

Company policy is associated with high demands on quality and solutions using the latest technology and innovation and supported by the growth of our own human resources. At present, more then 130 people work in the group and the total turnover in the last year exceeded CZK 550 million. VESKOM GROUP connects first-class technology and equipment of world brands with top domestic know-how. And that is exactly how we are going to continue on.