In making a decision, whether to go in the upcomming projects with heat pumps, not only the size of the building but also the modern architectural style of the building played an important role. If an air-water pump system was used, the exterior facade of the building would be impaired, which was undesirable. This was also one of the factors that led to the final solution using earth-water system.  

Earth-water type is especially the ideal way to meet all heating and cooling requirements in a large building.  Of course, the ecology of the whole solution is an important factor, which makes it also possible to save on operating costs.  The building is heated by hot air units. In order to ensure the heating and cooling of the office building and of the sales area as well as the DHW heating , Veskom supplied a source of heat and cold, and at the same time carried out the installation of the engine room including the distribution system. The primary energy source for heat pumps are twenty deep wells, each 105 meters deep, equipped with a four-pipe probe.

Thanks to the cooling modules, it is of great benefit to have the posibility to both heat and cool in the building at once, according to the needs of individual building parts. Not only for modern glass-walled buildings, it is the ideal way to reduce the weather’s influence in the interior.