For METAL TRADE COMAX, a.s., which is the producer of alloy and pre-alloys of non-ferrous metal on the basis of aluminum and copper and as the only iron foundry in the Czech republic provides also the delivery of ingots and the supply of liquid aluminum, we realized the cooling of ingots from the casting belt. The production of ingots itself is an alchemy that begins with the entry of non-ferrous metals melted in the rotary kiln, continues with chemical stabilization and treatment  through the fixation furmace and then casts the alloy into a casting belt. The beginning of the casting belt is cooled by the flowing air so that the ingots are held in shape. To ensure the cooling of the core itself, the ingots are immersed by means of a chain conveyor into the cooling water and cooled by the controled flooding to the desired temperature. This method ensures core cooling, ingot coating and, above all, lowering the temperature for automatic stacking and packaging. 

The cooling system is designed using the open cooling tower BAC VT model, because of the small space provided for its installation.  Radial fans are driven via an asynchronous motor with IEE 3 efficiency and controlled by a frequency converter based on the temperature in the sump.  The open cooling sump is located on the ingot foundry plant below floor level due to the requirement of gravity drain from the tub and the cooling tower. The pump assemblies are located next to the sump. They transport water using the damper, to both the cooling tower and the cooling tub with controlled flooding. To ensure water quality, a water treatment plant is installed using a duplex cationic softener and corrosion inhibitor dosing pumps with a hardness and biocid stabilizer.