The source of heat and cold became the IVT PREMIUMLINE EQ E17 earth-water heat pump. The primary circuit of the heat pump are three deep wells with a total depth of 300 m. The heat pump provides not only heating and cooling of the building, but also DHW heating and pool water heating. The heating system is made up of a floor and ceiling system, in bathrooms with bathroom radiators.  

The cooling system is divided into two circuits – cooling the wine shop using a fan-coil unit and cooling the house using a ceiling system (in winter it is used for heating).  It is designed as a pasive system where only the circulation pump is triggered for the operation of the system, and the removed heat is stored in deep wells without switching the heat pump compressor.  This system guarantees the investor very low operating costs of cooling the building.

Realization was carried out by our company as a complete supply – from the project work of the heat and cold source, the heating and cooling system in the house, to the delivery and the installation of the above mentioned incl. providing deep wells.  The overall concept provides the investor with the minimum operating costs for heating, cooling, DHW heating and swimming pool water heating in the indoor pool.