Already in 2010 during construction, the existing building of the hotel was equipped with heat pumps (2x air-water and 1x ground-water) for heating and hot water and with a solar heating system for hot water and borehole regeneration. The pumps are still in operation and heating the hotel today. Hot water heating is solved by a new Q-Ton pump for the whole area.

For the newly built wellness centre and hotel apartments, our branch VESKOM České Budějovice and GT ENERGY have supplied and assembled the complete heating and water heating equipment.  

•    For wellness centre, three heat pumps IVT Air X170 – air/water (supply and installation of VESKOM) were supplied and installed. They provide heating of wellness centre, heating of pool water, air-conditioning and whirlpool in wellness centre.

•    Thermal comfort in the wellness centre ensures 100% underfloor heating GETASYSTEM (supply and installation of VESKOM).  

•    New apartment houses are heated by the 16 air/air heat pumps IVT NORDIC INVERTER (supply and installation of GT ENERGY), which allow easy remote setting of the temperature from the reception, according to the occupancy of each apartment. 

•    The system is complemented by a high-temperature MHI Q-Ton heat pump (supply and installation of VESKOM), which provides hot water for the hotel and the wellness centre.

This unique heat pump can heat water in the tanks up to 90°C even at an outside temperature of -25°C and produce up to 8,000 litres of hot water a day with significantly lower consumption of electricity than any other heat pump.  

By combining three types of specialized heat pumps, extraordinarily low operating costs have been achieved because each heat pump operates in the optimum operating mode with the highest possible heating factor.