Heating, or cooling in buildings, brings the clear demand from investors: to save maximally on operating costs. That’s why we‘ve developed VESKOM CM cooling modules that allow you to heat and cool in individual parts of the building at the same time, save space and speed up installation of the whole system.

The earth-water type of heat pump together with the cooling module is the ideal way to meet all the requirements for the heating and cooling in the building. An important factor is of course the ecology of the whole solution, which makes it possible to save on the operating costs of the buildings.  And so while the southern part of the building will ask to be cooled, the heating of the north side can go on. Ensuring both requirements at the same time is a matter of course for the heat pump installations with VESKOM CM cooling modules.

The VESKOM CM cooling module is designed for both family houses and civil or industrial buildings. Module connection provides the user with the ability to heat and cool the building for the same operating costs. At a time when there is a greater need for cold than heat, is the excess heat  removed from the building by means of cooling modules stored in the primary circuit of the heat pump, thus helping to regenerate deep wells faster and increase the heating  factor of the heat pumps.

The essential advantage of heat pump installations with VESKOM SM cooling modules is enabling of simultaneous heating and cooling according to the needs of individual parts of the building, with only one device.

The VESKOM CM cooling module is patent-protected under patent no. 305815.