Complex processing of the compressed air compressor stations project documentation.

Our offer is for a wide range of indurstial enterprises and includes following parts (according to the requests of the customer):

  1. Part: compressor station technology, ie. design of the individual compressors, dryers and accessories, their  layout and design of the connecting pipeline
  2. Part: air handling, ie. design of the heated cooling air outlet, filtration of the compressor station inlet air and waste heat recovery
  3. Part: cooling, ie. design of the cooling circuit, including cooling water distribution pipelines for individual machines
  4. Part: electro, ie. design of the switchboard or electromotive distributions
  5. Part: MaR, ie. design of the compressor station control, including signaling of the service requirements, alarms, etc.
  6. Part: waste heat recovery for DHW heating or for heating, including economic and environmetal report
  7. Building part, ie. construction of the new building, modifications of the existing premises, including ventilation, lighting, etc.  
  8. Operating instructions draft for the compressor stations

In case, that we are asked for realization and there is no separate project, our project department will elaborate the complex project documentation of the particular compressor station, which contents the individual parts, according to the agreement and customers requiremets.  

„Our solution is complex, therefore it works better."