Advantages of lamellar compressors and vacuum pumps:

  • It is a simple device that will surprise you with smooth running
  • Guarantee of low maintenance and long service intervals
  • Airflow is quiet, so do not be afraid of noise and unpleasant pulsations
  • Long life

How does this device work?

In the stator, hence the circular cylinder rotates the eccentrically inserted rotor with longitudinal grooves.  These grooves serve to move the slats and so they create individual chambers, where the air is subsequently compressed. 

Lamellar compressors can be used as:

  • Packaging machines and equipment
  • Polygraphic machines and equipment
  • Air source for activating wastewater treatment plants 
  • To secure fish hatcheries
  • In galvanic baths
  • A vacuum source for vacuum handling
  • Paint shops
  • Common use of compressed air