We offer the possibility to rent piston and screw compressors, including other equipment for compressed air treatment.

Several reasons, why to rent a compressor:

  • Solution to your problem: in case of unexpected situation, whether due to compressor failure or short-term need to increase the consumption of compressed air.
  • Minimum acquisition costs: you pay only regular rent, determined in advance. Also it applies, that the longer is the term of rent, the payments are lower.
  •  A wide offer of compressors in the range 1,1- 132kW.
  • Guarantee of compressed air quality: on customer’s request, we equip the compressor with a dryer, filters, etc.

Installation: we will arrange transport of the equipment to the place of installation. We will connect the machine, put it into operation and train the operator. After termination of the rent, we will remove the equipment and arrange its collection.